Monday, June 16, 2008

Buy John's CD - @Home Alone

John's latest CD, "@Home Alone" is now available for purchase. You can order a copy through the Ossian USA Music Store.

Code: 01042-CD
Price: $15.00

Ossian USA
118 Beck Road
Loudon, NH. 03307

Tracklisting information and sample tunes are also
available for your convenience.

If you have any further questions about the CD, you can email John directly at


jdr51 said...
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jdr51 said...

John has dedicated the CD to Frank Thornton. Frank Thornton was one of the finest men I knew. Frank always spoke so highly of John. Frank and John both made a lasting impression on me.

John's CD is a joy to listen to and brings back so many memories. I was thrilled to find him after all these years.

Jim Riordan Jr