Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sample Tunes From John's CD - @Home Alone

John's latest CD is appropriately titled "@Home Alone". All of the tunes were performed and recorded in John's home in San Jose, CA. Below, you'll find a copy of the tracklisting of the CD.

  1. Bucks of Oranmore {Reel: 2:05} - Sample
  2. Up to Your Knees in Sand, Maurice Casey's Fancy, John Brennan From Sligo {Reels: 4:37}
  3. Connie the Soldier, McKenna's, Clancy's {Jigs: 3:38}
  4. Concertina, Earl's Chair {Reels: 3:14}
  5. The Last Chance, Johnny O'Leary's, The Glen Cottage, Weaver's Delight, Pat Enright's {Polkas: 4:30} - Sample
  6. Garret Barry's, Paiden O'Rafferty's {Jigs: 3:59} - Sample
  7. Summer in Ireland, Peter's Well {Reels: 2:20}
  8. The Coalminer, Heather Breeze, Turf House {Reels: 2:49}
  9. Maurice O'Keefe's No. 1, Maurice O'Keefe's No. 2, Jim Reardon's {Polkas: 3:39}
  10. Mouth of Tobique, Bill Wilson's {Reels: 2:46}
  11. The Golden Eagle, Sault's Own {Hornpipes: 3:24}
  12. Trip to Durrow, John Dwyer's, George White's Favorite {Reels: 4:16}
  13. Joy of my Life, Kennedy's, The Bloody Hollow {Haymaker's Jig Medley: 5:34}
  14. Jackie Tarr, the Flowing Tide {Hornpipes: 2:40}
  15. Walsh's Medley {Polkas: 3:21} - Sample

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Tami said...

Hooray for Papa John's blog and the history of his other love! -t2